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Lesson #18 – Cold Beer, Fingerstyle Fundamentals Wrap-up

At this point you should have a pretty good idea of how to develop your fingerpicking skills, applying and identifying chord shapes and finger patterns, and thumb independence.

Lesson #17 – Freight Train Exercise

This is another simple yet strong, beautiful melody. This time we’re playing in the key of C. The song was originally penned by Elizabeth Cotton when she was twelve years old around the year 1900, and has gone on to be recorded countless times by various artists.

Lesson 16 – Nine Pound Hacksaw

this is a new arrangement of the classic ‘Nine Pound Hammer’ based on Merle Travis’s version and played in the key of E.

Lesson 15 – The Caravan Exercise

The song Caravan was written by Juan Tizol and recorded by Duke Ellington in 1937. Since then has been performed by thousands of artists in styles ranging from jazz to bluegrass, surf to rap, and everything in between.

Lesson 14 – Applying the Fundamentals

By this point you should find your fingers becoming more coordinated and your thumb growing independent. This means it will now take less conscious effort as your motor skills will begin to take over the repetitive parts and you can concentrate on some of the more exciting aspects of your playing.