Mississippi John Hurt – John Henry

Great footage of Mississippi John Hurt.

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  1. Great clip. He’s a planter. He’s got brilliant rhythm.

  2. Yep… a great clip of Mississippi John hurt thumpin’ away at the base notes. He makes it look so easy. I’ve been playing guitar for 30 years as a product of the 70’s basement band culture… played at parties, camp fires and slaughtered more Beatles songs than I’d care to admit, however, finger style country blues mesmerizes me. I’m in awe of folks who can thump that alternating base and play MJH.

    Still waiting for my muscle memory to hit. Incidentally, this website is truly a fantastic resource to pickers who are trying to learn this style of music. The lessons break down the basic picking patterns very nicely for clumsy pickers like myself.

    Keep it coming.

  3. Thanks for the kind words Artimusblues,

    MJH is really something, he makes it look as natural as breathing. Don’t worry, the muscle memory will hit when you’re least expecting it, then you can torture yourself with a new technique!

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