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Lesson 14 – Applying the Fundamentals

By this point you should find your fingers becoming more coordinated and your thumb growing independent. This means it will now take less conscious effort as your motor skills will begin to take over the repetitive parts and you can concentrate on some of the more exciting aspects of your playing.

Lesson 11 – Finger Patterns (Part Two)

Make sure you’re comfortable playing the previous patterns before continuing. Good, now it’s starting to get interesting. This next pattern is a variation on the first; you’ll notice there are a couple extra notes. We’ll continue to call the patterns E & A for now. Follow the procedure you used in part one to learn these.

Lesson 6: Speed -vs- Accuracy

Try to imagine the tonal differences between the wing flaps of a Sparrow and those of an Eagle. Quick, flighty and erratic or strong, confident and soaring.

Lesson 5 : The Space Between the Notes

There is a lot of depth in the silence between the notes. Don’t overplay. You don’t need to emphasize every note of every song, just some notes play themselves. A strong rhythm hides a multitude of sins.

Lesson 4 : Muscle Memory

Once you have established or at least understand the basic technical rudiments, you’re on your way to independence. The next step is to forget everything. You should be able to enjoy listening to what you are creating and not worrying about where your thumb is supposed to be. Your body breathes for you, it’s not […]

Lesson 3 : Hand Positions

There are at least two schools of thought, or should I say technique, when it comes to hand positions.

Lesson 2 : Fingers and Picks

here are no hard fast rules about how to maintain your nails but there are some things you should be aware of.